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Create Your Best Now

We are stronger together.  Reach me via to book a time, or call my office at 604 925-1907. This has been a challenging and stressful three years for all of us. It can also be a great opportunity to press ‘pause’ and reconsider innovative new health & wellness lifestyles, relationships, and career paths forward. At the root of our being, this pandemic has been our 2020, 1-2-3 step to re-vision what matters most.

What matters most to you? What have you been feeling these past three years? What do you need to get in motion for 2024?

I can help you activate your inner optimistic hero, set your boundaries, design a plan and make your own magic this year for you, your partner, your family, and your community. I can help you with the (re-)discovery of your wholehearted self.

May you, your families, and your communities be well. May you, your families, and your communities be safe.


“There are only two choices in life: love or fear” – Marianne Williamson.

You have the choice and freedom to make 2023 better for many!

We all develop emotional patterns and tell ourselves stories about what limits our happiness. The truth is, though, if you manage your stress levels, your feelings of love and creativity will go up immediately. Why not start living by design rather than reaction? Just imagine the difference you will make.


How well do you know yourself? What inspired you to the career your chose? To the partner you chose? What limits your happiness? When do you feel pure freedom and joy?

What are your goals for this year? Not sure? We’ll work on that. How do you want to feel this time next year?

What would have to change for you to free yourself up to live more fully? What if that didn’t mean a career or partner change… what if it is in you to see things differently? How on purpose have you felt lately?

Have you noticed that when you feel good about who you are, your relationships at work & home flourish too?


What if everything that challenges you right now was an invitation for you to expand, grow, and thrive? Let’s talk about your growth mindset.


What would change if you loved fearlessly, more generously right now?


We are fortunate to be living with so much access to useful research about the human brain and optimal health practices. I can help you to put these sciences and your own personal discoveries into practical, hands-on, day-to-day habits. Small changes you make today will sprout happiness. You don’t have to change everything.

I love my work with clients. It’s rewarding to witness growth, ease, and joy. I have a core belief that is how we are all meant to live. I can help you get better at what you are already doing. I’d like to help you to succeed with some new approaches you may not know of already.

My job is to help you develop your own full toolkit so that you can build on your strengths, create and maintain your best partnerships, and enjoy your best life.

This is an incremental and synergistic process… the better you feel within yourself, the more connected you will feel with others in your family, at work, in friendships, and in your community. Time to shine!

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that –
It lights the whole world.

Sufi Poet, Hafiz


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