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Posted by on Feb 13, 2022 in Featured | 0 comments

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

I hope you get to dance today

It’s not the partner you are with

or whether others are up for it or not

It’s all in your own choice and in your own stride


I hope you get to smile today

knowing you are loved in all your connections too!

You make love happen in every held moment

With every random act of kindness


I hope your hand touches someone

who needs you

It may be that one small gesture that sparks love

We are so happy when we are generous


I hope you are forgiving

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Posted by on Feb 3, 2022 in Featured | 2 comments

Perfectionism In Anxious COVID Times

Perfectionism In Anxious COVID Times

Have you noticed your inner perfectionist showing up a little more lately with stronger judgements, reactions, and more worry (especially at night)? It’s tough being a human, especially when living through a two-year war on COVID-19. A lot of us are feeling it these days. There is a rise in anxiety and depression in populations around our Globe. Perfectionism can be a major contributor to unhealth and isolation. We just expect a lot from ourselves and others. And this may be a time for more compassion and empathy. Relationship research is showing couples feeling closer than ever or coming apart. … Read the rest

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