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What is the Secret Sauce to Experience FLOW?

Posted by on May 27, 2023 in Featured | 2 comments

Do you ever wonder what creates the feeling of FLOW? It just feels so incredibly fabulous when it’s happening to you. I see it and experience the joy of it sometimes in tennis. I was watching my son Justin play tennis yesterday at the Provincial Tennis Championships at the Jericho Tennis Club. In the first set, he was on fire, cracking his serve in and clearly in flow, winning it 6-0. Then in the second set, he tightened up at the beginning of the set as his opponent started playing better and won two games… I could almost see Justin … Read the rest

An Approach To Develop More Self-Confidence

Posted by on Feb 19, 2023 in Featured | 2 comments

Self-Confidence You Can Count On

I don’t know about you, but self-confidence seems to be an illusive, ever changing belief state. I’ve often wondered how we might cultivate a deeper, more constant state of quiet , calm, rock solid self-confidence. Just imagine what we could do with a confidence like 5 months pregnant Rhianna who sang at the recent LVII Super Bowl?

We often think of self-confidence in terms of having a well-developed war chest of extraordinary singing talents, education, emotional intelligence, or skills that we have accumulated in our work, playing sports, or our hobbies, or … how fast … Read the rest

Love like Water this Valentine’s Week

Posted by on Feb 12, 2023 in Featured | 10 comments

Love like Water this Valentine’s Week

Imagine surfing your way into Valentine’s Day on your own massive wave of love. Waking up this morning, why not take a moment and connect with your core strengths? You might recall positive moments from last week when your strengths showed up. Or you might write down some positive goals for your week ahead.

You have, (actually we all have), phenomenal potential. And like water, the intention with which we start each day may manifest as a ride of vibrancy, joy, and creativity… or a last crash into a shoreline of despair. Easy choice … Read the rest

No More Wars Please

Posted by on Mar 1, 2022 in Featured | 2 comments


First we had to endure our two-year pandemic, then the protests in Ottawa, and now this devastating war in the Ukraine? Our world can feel so vulnerable for us all because many of us have friends and relatives who are living through this recent Russian invasion. I often wonder if Putin is suffering from his own pandemic burnout…acting in these outrageous ways. What other explanation can there be for his threatening nuclear war and bombing so many innocent people in the Ukraine? It is SO sad to see families fleeing from their homes in Ukraine and every able bodied … Read the rest

Be My Valentine

Posted by on Feb 13, 2022 in Featured | 0 comments

I hope you get to dance today

It’s not the partner you are with

or whether others are up for it or not

It’s all in your own choice and in your own stride


I hope you get to smile today

knowing you are loved in all your connections too!

You make love happen in every held moment

With every random act of kindness


I hope your hand touches someone

who needs you

It may be that one small gesture that sparks love

We are so happy when we are generous


I hope you are forgiving

to … Read the rest

Perfectionism In Anxious COVID Times

Posted by on Feb 3, 2022 in Featured | 2 comments

Have you noticed your inner perfectionist showing up a little more lately with stronger judgements, reactions, and more worry (especially at night)? It’s tough being a human, especially when living through a two-year war on COVID-19. A lot of us are feeling it these days. There is a rise in anxiety and depression in populations around our Globe. Perfectionism can be a major contributor to unhealth and isolation. We just expect a lot from ourselves and others. And this may be a time for more compassion and empathy. Relationship research is showing couples feeling closer than ever or coming apart. … Read the rest

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