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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Featured | 2 comments

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2016 seems to have its own swing in its step, don’t you think? Seems to me that the 6 is shaped like a little kick to your butt to get yourself going on what ever your dreams might be.


Will this be your year to Thrive? Why not? Start 2016 by assessing what is already working for you so you can be sure to continue to do that.


What are 3 things you did last year that really brought you joy?


When I reflect on my three things …

  1. I said YES to play more. Tennis is back in my life and I’m totally loving it! I love whacking the ball around knowing that for the hour & half that I play in my Monday night tennis league, its all about a little yellow ball and a whole lot of giggles. I’m no super star on the court, but I figure ‘she who has the most fun wins’! So happy tennis is in!


  1. I challenged myself—I took up Toastmasters with a friend and it was so gratifying to share ideas in a small community of people who were presenting to each other and publishing articles for the first time in their lives.


  1. I volunteered to develop the Counselor Café in West Vancouver for the BC Association of Clinical Counselors. It’s brought me so much joy fostering more community in my professional organization through developing an educational  program that supports my fellow psychotherapists who dedicated their professional lives to heal hearts and help people thrive.


What 3 things might you let go of?


These are the things you do out of habit even though they really aren’t good for you… like late night snacks… or rushing in the morning… or watching too much pointless TV?


What 3 things will you add in?


On this question, why don’t you start by assessing the things you value? In my case  it’s my family, community, and personal connections that are most important.

After you have identified your values, then you should operationalize behaviour that supports these. My modus operandi this year is to work in COLLABORATION with other like-minded people!


Starting January 20 I am launching a new webinar series called ‘Shine 2016 that will be supporting the women’s workplace program called Dress For Success. The program helps women receive the encouragement and tools to find employment and live sustainable lives.


I will be interviewing 10 speakers including nutritionists, physicians, psychologists, and professional & fitness coaches over a 10 week period who will share their insights to help listeners to  live their healthiest, thriving life in 2016.


Ten weeks… ten specialists.. to guide you to Shine this year!


These will be happening Wednesday mornings between 8:00 am – 9:00 am starting January 20th with Registered Dietician Diana Steele. Diana is the resident dietitian for Global TV, Dr. Leslie Ellis January 27th, Mandy King of HEAL February 3, Dr. Teesha Morgan (Sex Therapist) February 10th, Maureen McEvoy February 17th, Joni Mar February 24th, Joanne McKinney March 2nd, Dr. Jim Bovard Sports Med BC March 9th… and more!


More to come on this and our ten speakers to Shine this Year!



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  1. I enjoyed your talking about tennis. It is very positive and how it makes you feel. I will be doing a recording this week of 2 originals – in the studio with 6 male musicians! Try that on for size. Most are very supportive. One has an attitude, so that’s good because I have to learn best way to deal with it. Most important, rehearsal went well and accomplished what we needed for the session. All good. I am blessed to be able to record these for a CD. Not about having it be played anywhere as much as a work in progress for myself. (before i turn into a vegetable)!! ha ha Then my husband and I will go in our trailer to P. Springs on a cement pad which we rent for 2 months. Jo Anne is so encouraging, positive, and truly has a special gift at what she does.

    • It sounds like music is bring huge vibrancy into your life! I love music too. Looking forward to hear your CD when its out! Isn’t it great to have new projects.. so stimulating… thanks for your post!
      Cheers to a creative 2016!

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