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Posted by on Dec 28, 2018 in Featured | 1 comment

Set Up 2019: Design Your Best Year.

Set Up 2019: Design Your Best Year.

Set up your best year with more Connection, Contribution, Creativity & Care!


I have been wondering why this Holiday Season has felt so good. I think it was that I got to CONNECT with the closest members of my family. I feel so joyful when I’m around them… their laughter, their stories, and all the holiday activities with them, just feed my soul.

My husband & I drove to Seattle with my son and his girlfriend last weekend, to a Seahawks-Chiefs football game. Oh, what a game!! Russell Wilson you rock! And what a delight doing a road trip with the kids… ! It’s not easy corralling adult children these days, but my daughter, my son & his girlfriend slept over in our home on Christmas Eve!! I love waking up to a full house Christmas morning.  We all made breakfast together. There is a shared CONTRIBUTION in the kitchen over meals and all the fabulous mess that comes with preparing a turkey dinner! There is also something wonderful in the crazy traditions of matching Santa PJs and the CREATIVE ways we keep the spirit and mystery of Santa alive.  I love our annual jog/hike as we are all reminded of our family values to CARE for each other and these bodies we live and play in. My love tank is full… and so is my belly. Let’s be real… it wasn’t the healthiest time nutrition- wise. #%^& Back to somewhat healthier eating…  No more chocolate & shortbread for this one!


And now it’s on to planning a healthy, creative, fun New Year for 2019. How about you? Have you been thinking of new goals?


Research shows it does help to set up an active design for your year… and that with an action plan, most goals can be met! Psychologist Gail Matthews’ findings were that when goals were written down, participants were 33% more successful in achieving them. (  Once you commit your goals to paper with an action plan and accountability, there is a high likelihood you will achieve what you focus on.


First, connect with what you value. Behavior change is motivated by positive feelings. So, imagine yourself having completed that goal you are thinking about right now. How will you feel when you achieve it? Imagine that feeling in your body. Got a journal, make a note of that!


Second, assess what worked best for you last year in all quadrants of your life. I love that book Strengths Finder because strengths are the foundation we should be building from, starting first thing in the morning. Do you know what yours are? You may want to write them down.


Third, set a goal based on your Values & Vision for Victory :-). I know that if I don’t connect at that place, it will be a challenge for me to commit. How about you? So if your values are friendship or community, what actionable ways can you design a more connected year?


Fourth choose an operational plan to get ‘er done! :-_) All ideas and no action makes for frustration!! Hold yourself accountable by putting a time frame on measurable results – the stepping stones of your new goal(s).


I will be leading a New Year’s Retreat for people who want to take a look at the four quadrants of their lives, i.e.,


  1. designing the arc of their professional career,
  2. physical health practices of the body including exercise, healthy eating, & sleep,
  3. mind health like learning, reading, and staying in a growth mindset,
  4. financial health.


Which life quadrants are you strong in already? What areas might you set up a little more strategically for 2019?


If this sounds like an experience that you’d like to participate in, just email me @


What:  Shine In Your Life — a chance to focus more on what you really want for 2019. We’ll do a 360 on our lives together. You will walk away with your year’s blueprint!

When:  Saturday, Jan. 19th 2 – 5 & Sunday, Jan. 20th 2 – 5

Where: The West Vancouver Bar Method Studio

Who:  Jo-Anne Weiler, RCC, RMFT, & CCPC Life Coach contact my office at 604 925-1907 to register.


The core values of this event are the four “C”s — community, contributing, creativity & caring.


* Please see my website ‘what’s happening’ for the details.

* I’d like to offer $50 off to anyone who says “they heard about the event through my blog.

* Take an additional $50 off if you bring a friend.

* So that’s $100 off if you heard about this through my blog & you bring a friend — you then pay $100 and the project gives back $100 basically.


I hope you have a fabulous New Year!! And I hope we get to spend the weekend afternoons of January 19th & 20th together! In past groups, workshop participants have conceived new business plans, life plans, and new positive relationships with themselves.

It all starts with you…  never underestimate the power of a group!!

  This is YOUR year!!  xo Jo-Anne

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1 Comment

  1. That’s great to hear Anne. Having a focus and intention for the year gets me really jazzed up. And its shown in the research as having a positive impact. Even just sitting down to think about what I value most in my life, helps me have clarity in what I choose to put my energy into. Where ever our energy goes, life flows. And I hope you will consider the retreat. There is something really fabulous that happens when people brainstorm in these events. Sharing ideas, wonderful things truly illuminate. Happy New Year!! xo Jo-Anne

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