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Become Your Best Self in 2016 through Renewed Energy and Personal Insights

Over the next 10 weeks, I will be hosting a weekly webinar that will give you valuable personal insights about how you can be more successful in all parts of your personal and professional life.

Each week I will interview expert medical and health professionals and personal coaches in a variety of fields, including nutrition, exercise, sports medicine, psychology, innovation and career design.

The net proceeds from the SHINE In 2016 Webinar Series will go to support the project “Dress For Success-Vancouver”. This program helps women receive the tools and support to find employment and live sustainable lives.

“Just like a sunbeam can’t separate itself from the sun,
and a wave can’t separate itself from the ocean,
we can’t separate ourselves from one another.
We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible Divine mind”
– Marianne Williamson

In what ways would you like to realize your full potential in 2016?

TEN weeks… TEN specialists…Ten Opportunities for you to get better in Ten Areas of Particular Importance to Your Enhanced Wellness.

The SHINE 2016 Webinar will be happening at 8:00 am on Wednesday mornings starting January 20th.  Listen in for FREE. All you will need to do is be plugged into your computer or your mobile phone or tablet device. Shine In 2016 Webinar Sign Up Here Remember that if you aren’t able to listen in on the exact time its aired, you can listen in any time after that works easier for you.

Each interview will be available the week it is broadcast for FREE and then it will be archived as a full ten part series which you can upload and have full access to it at any time for $49.00 Yes that $49. will include access to ALL 10 speakers! And the proceeds will go to support Dress For Success!

You won’t be disappointed with the time and money that you spend on SHINE 2016. Rather you will benefit from a whole new burst of information that will energize your life.

Diana Steele, Registered Dietitian
Wednesday, January 20th at 8:00 am.

It is true: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Diana will share her cutting edge information about about how you can eat for energy. She will talk about her 7 Steps for Better Energy. You may have read about Diana in the Vancouver Sun, The Province, or MacLean’s Magazine. Diana is also the resident nutritionist on Global TV.

Dr. Leslie Ellis, PhD
Wednesday, January 27th at 8:00 am.

Dr. Leslie Ellis, will help you live with greater focus and clarity. Leslie’s hands-on tools will give you daily routines that set you up for success no matter what your goals are this year! Feel clear. Hone in more positivity and gain momentum in your life.  Start with your morning habits. Brain research tells us that we can have a huge impact on our mood state and level of happiness. How you feel on the inside directly affects how you cope with what happens on the outside. Learn how to overcome any habitual blocks so you can live your dreams.

Mandy King of HEAL, Healthy Eating & Living
Wednesday, February 3rd (this session will not be live)

Mandy King will talk about Our relationship with food. Mandy has been featured on CBC, Huffington Post, and She will walk you through how to be in better balance and partnership with the body you live in with better scheduling…so you don’t ‘stress eat’ or sabotage your health in other ways.

Dr. Teesha Morgan, Sex Therapist
February 10th 8:00 am

Teesha Morgan will discuss matters of the heart, starting with Ways to Rev up your Sex Life! Teesha will talk about ways that  you can energize your sexy self and get your Mojo on. Teesha was featured on Ted Talks this past summer. She is guaranteed to put a new stride in your step.

Maureen McEvoy Advanced Certified Imago Couples Therapist
Wednesday, February 17th (this session will not be live)

Maureen McEvoy partners in facilitating the Harville Hendrix “Getting The Love You Want” workshop for couples several times each year.  You will learn how your relationships can be transformative and can energize just about everything in your life!

Joni Mar, a Master Certified Co-Active Coach
Wednesday, February 24th

Joni Mar will talk about how you can Live Your True Professional Dream. Joni excels at generating powerful results with high performance individuals. She specializes in leadership development, innovation and the implementation of strategic solutions and relationship management. Joni will share some great ways you can access your values and get your dreams going… how you can make them bigger .. how you can create the life you really want. Joni’s earlier career was in television broadcasting.. and that is where she learned the intuitive art of powerful questions which help you explore… why you are here… right now in your life.

Joanne McKinney Instructor at The Bar Method
Wednesday, March 2nd at 8:00 am

Joanne McKinney will talk about what keeps her fitness clients on track to meet their athletic goals. Learn how you can workout more effectively from your home, in a gym, or even in your office. Develop your will and your ways to become stronger this year!

Dr. Jim Bovard, Sports MedBC, Team Physician for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Olympic Athlete Trainer and Family Physician
Wednesday, March 9th.

Jim Bovard will talk about how you can meet your fitness goals while still preventing injuries to yourself. Learn how you can stay vital and thrive through better health and fitness practices. Ever wondered what health habits will make you live longer, feel happier, and feel more robust and energized? Jim will share what some of the latest research suggests.

Nico Luce, YYoga
Wednesday, March 16th (this session will not be live)

Nico Luce is a Master Yoga Teacher who founded YYoga with his wife. He will talk about Movement as a Celebration of Life. Nico currently lives in Switzerland where he teaches instructor courses and holds retreats. He teaches Vinyasa, Pilates, and Core, emphasizing on body alignment, breath work and cultivating a powerful meditative practice. “From a very young age I needed to find out what life was about and who I was… what I was looking for could only be found within myself. I knew I had found the greatest tool to connect to my body and soul.” He challenges you to discover who you really are.

Jennifer Halinda, Executive Director Dress For Success
Wednesday, March 23rd

Jennifer Halinda will talk about how the vision with Dress For Success started. Understand how you can build your own career with a values-driven life. We all know it feels great to make a difference and Jennifer will share some of the successes and challenges of running a not for profit program. Learn how she moves through the challenges and stays steadfast with the Dress For Success mission to help women succeed. Learn how to better focus on your own big picture by contributing the way you want to.

Why are we all here on this planet at this time? What is the difference you will make this year?

Why not make 2016 YOUR TIME TO SHINE?

By the way, it would help so much if you could share this email with your networks to help get the word out.

Here is the link to sign up now:  Grab Your Spot!

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