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Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Featured | 4 comments

This Is Your Time!

This Is Your Time!

NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at Seattle SeahawksVISION, COMMITMENT & TRUST FOR 2015

After a legendary turnaround win in the final 3 minutes of the Seattle Seahawks football game against Green Bay Packers two weekends ago, Russell Wilson, Seahawks Quarterback was interviewed and asked “How did you do it?” Turnaround games such as what happened January 18th are stories we usually only see in fantastical movies!

My husband & I were there in Seattle with all the other 12th Man fans and we all experienced the thrill of that legendary game day. We hung in there when many Seahawks fans were leaving in the 4th Quarter because the Seahawks seemed to be so off their game. I thought to myself about times in life when I’ve felt that way…like I’ve temporarily lost my Mojo. Do you ever feel those lack luster times? When that happens, we can all learn from game time strategies to take


I tend to take my time out on running trails, where I reassess what is feeling satisfying, stimulating and progressive and what I am feeling less engaged or stuck in. On a run, as I breathe with the natural spaces of nature and feel the solid ground beneath me, I can check in with things like Purpose and Values. I can ask myself what needs more attention, and what just needs letting go.

There is something so powerful about taking time out.

I have to say in the game overtime when the Seahawks final touchdown was made, I almost fell into the bleachers with the excitement and the whole stadium burst into an elated oblivion of cheers. It makes my heart smile right now thinking of that celebratory moment… captured by those whose dedication and commitment to stay with the game right to the end…as the ever-faithful “12th Man” paid off.

So Wilson, how do you create turnarounds like that? In a burst of emotion Russell Wilson shared, post game, in his modest style, “I never stopped believing we could do it”. He said the secret to his success was to:


So here we are at the last day of January. The month sure flew by, didn’t it? Did you make any 2015 Resolutions? How is it going so far? Have you made your vision as clear as it can be? How do you do that? Do you commit a schedule in a calendar? Do you create a Team? If you have found your goals slipping, make February your own game time! If you’ve had a challenge operationalizing, maybe you need to call your own “Time Out” and set some new strategies in place?

No matter what your vision is this year, don’t forget to celebrate your wins too! Recalling those peak successes from 2014 will energize your commitment in 2015. How do you do that? Share your best moments with your own home teams.
I haven’t stopped thinking about that crazy Football game week-end and I am so excited to anticipate the 3:30 kick off this Sunday.

What will be your personal 3-minute turnaround today the last day of January? And as you get ready for tomorrow’s Super Bowl Game write out the growth you want for your life? Why not you? Why not this year?


Here are some questions to get you back to your own Vision, Commitment & Team Play:

1. When you look back on 2014 what are your favorite moments?
2. What successes can you celebrate today?
3. What did you leave unfinished last year?
4. Is there something you said you’d do last year that you need to complete?
5. What outcomes make your life feel extraordinarily valuable to you?


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  1. That was a great game and we will never forget those last 45 minutes when the Seahawks made the comeback of the century.
    I will think back on 2014 and remember the best moments and try to create even better moments in 2015
    We are so blessed

    • It was such a frustrating end to a fantastic Super Bowl. I love that I have become a football fan!! But really…why didn’t Seahawks just “Run Wilson Run”?? 20/20 insights.. Well we have a great team! And the Seahawks will be back next year!! It is just another reminder that “If we build it, they will come!”

  2. Thanks JoAnne! Great questions to ponder. I definitely have highlights from 2014 that I would love to bring into and con’t into 2015. For me, holding the vision and committing. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate our wins!!

    • Thanks Jane! There is something so satisfying about holding long term goals in mind and energizing your day to day with memories of past celebration. An exercise I love is to write out a timeline age 15 – 40 something. On it mark all your pivotal moments (exhilaration or challenge). Then identify which of your values were present (or being stomped on) in those moments. (So the event is above the line, the values are below. Your values will rev your passion. Thanks for being part of my blog community! Cheers!

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