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Your Good Energy At Work – 7 STEPS

Your Good Energy At Work – 7 STEPS

What Story Will Your Career Tell?

Above the mountains
The Geese turn into the light again
Painting their black silhouettes on an open sky.
Sometimes everything has to be inscribed
Across the heavens
So you can find
The one line already written
Inside you
— David Whyte


What is waiting to be discovered in you? What is your purpose? What will be your legacy? Ideally our careers lead us on the flight plan our spirit was designed for. But what about those times you get stuck in the office turbulence, lost in hierarchal power struggles, or buried in the endless piles of files? According to a recent report 55% of all Canadian Millennials are unhappy at work.What is happening at work these days?
In other age groups, 31 % said they want a career change. How energeticly connected do you feel to your work?

Here are 7 Steps to help you activate Your Good Energy.

1. Do things a little differently. You might start with doing 20 sit ups and push ups when you get out of bed tomorrow. And..maybe tomorrow you will go to work a different route.

You might stop by a local coffee shop and start a conversation with someone you’ve never met.

Have you ever noticed that the experiences that give you the joy come from times you have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d yourself to do new routines?

‘Stretching’ can be developing a new strength of your’s at work. You might take a business course or memorize some poetry at lunch. Whether the challenge comes to you emotionally, physically, professionally or spiritually, doing some things a little differently is good for your brain and spiritual health.

2. Be curious. Ask yourself some powerful questions? Who do I want to be in the work I am doing today? What part of my personality do I want to bring to my work today? These are some of the questions Master Co-Active Coach Joni Mar recommends in this week’s Shine In 2016.

What will your future self say about your contribution to making our’s a better World?

3. Play ALL in. What ever you are doing, commit to do it to the best of your ability. As Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements “Your best will change every day” and that’s ok too.

What is your style of engagement? Do you hyper focus and jump right in, make a plan and go for small steady change, or do you tend to put things off.. even procrastinate?

On this week’s episode of my webinar ‘Shine In 2016’, Joni Mar reminds us how some people tend to activate their professional Dream Job through taking baby steps, while others just jump right in. There is no right or wrong way to engage a new professional vision. But it is prudent to notice which strategy you are following, so you can set up the right support system to help you complete and make your Dream Job materialize.

4. Create a vision for yourself. Do you Day Dream?? I bet you did when you were a child. Imagine how you want to feel one year from today? Don’t focus so much on what you are actually doing, but try to imagine who you will be and what strengths of yours will be most influential on your career. Your leadership, your innovation, your humour, your positivity, your energy, your charisma, your joy, your sweetness, your style, your creativity, your caring.. what parts of you can show up more? What will your life be like then?

And there are more ways to stoke your fire. Think about what you like doing.

What is important to you about your working life right now? .. the relationships, the hours, the financial rewards, the stimulation, the difference you make there? Take time to consider ‘WHY you are in your present job?’ By the way, if you can’t answer that question, you may be in the wrong job.

Now consider the last time in your working life that you felt the ‘fire in your belly’- a time when your job did not feel like work at all.

What was important about that time?

How could you re-create these same important factors in your work life today? Maybe the change you are needing is really just a shift in mindset.

So now you see clues about what might make up your Dream Job. It might be just shifts or subtle changes to the job you are already in.

5. For small or big changes, make a business plan. How do you want to actualize that Dream into working parts or actionable stages of change?

C’mon baby stepper! Say Yay to that big leap of faith. Just putting a business plan together can ignite your spark.

6. Now consider your learning style as you motivate yourself to move into action.

Are you a Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic Learner?

Take a test to find out here: Learning Style Test

If you are an Auditory Learner you learn through a combination of listening and speaking. Sharing your plans with a colleague or working collaboratively through your goals will be a huge help.

If you are a Kinesthetic Learner, you are a person who learns by embodying an experience with hands on ‘doing’ something. Kinesthetic Learners, can motivate themselves by recalling a completed project or maybe an athletic competition that went well in the past. You might recall a personal success story, bring to mind the feelings that get activated in you when you think of that time. Presto Cuchino those feelings will motivate you into action.

Kinesthetic learners might start each day with a morning meditation or keep some type of talisman in their pocket, that is symbolic of their commitment.

If you are a Visual Learner, you learn best by seeing and reading. AS a Visual Learner, you might want to create a Vision Board where you cut & paste photos and words on a big cardboard surface that express your Dream. Learn more about Vision Boards Here Visual learners can also benefit by journaling examples of changes in their lives, or tracking their goals and/or measuring their results.

If you have been thinking of broadening your wing span and lifting your career to a new height, what stage of change are you in? Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action or Termination. Termination occurs when your Professional Dream is fully integrated in your work and the old ‘numbed out’ person you once were is history.. swoosh!

You might write down each stage of change being an observer of yourself according to your personal life business plan as a way of mapping your transition. What will you be working on today, next week, next month, next year, in five years? What is important about that for you today, next week, next month, next year, in five years?

And if all that strategizing is way too much planning because you are more of a ‘jump right in’ person, you may be best able to make changes in your work life by just following your gut and sense of intuitive knowing. You see things completed before they have even begun. You thrive with new ideas,trial and error, love the endorphin dopamine serotonin fix that comes from taking risks and being innovative. Your challenge may be in learning to embrace failures in what you attempt to do or learn..Keep on going. Don’t be deterred. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple wasn’t he? Then he came back to turn it all around. It turns out though, he may not have been such a nice person working with others.

7. Collaborate Well. Dan Seigal tells us that the exchange and integration of information between two people and two ideas, IS what stimulates brain health and BIGGER ideas. It may prevent brain disease and help us live longer. When we get SNAG’ed by trying new things, re-inventing careers, embracing change, we Stimulate Neuronal Activation & Growth in each other. It gives us life meaning and then WE mean more in life. It creates our natural legacy in the shared stories we’ve created along the way. The frustrations, the celebrations are the stories that are already written inside you.. and inside me. Maybe this is what we can learn from geese. They fly together… and maybe, so should WE.

Thanks for the interview today Joni Mar, Master Certified Co-Active Professional Coach. You are the star burst we can all shine from!

If you haven’t seen the Shine In 2016 Series yet, you can check it out here: Shine In 2016 Webinar Link

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