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Perfectionism In Anxious COVID Times

Posted by on Feb 3, 2022 in Featured | 2 comments

Have you noticed your inner perfectionist showing up a little more lately with stronger judgements, reactions, and more worry (especially at night)? It’s tough being a human, especially when living through a two-year war on COVID-19. A lot of us are feeling it these days. There is a rise in anxiety and depression in populations around our Globe. Perfectionism can be a major contributor to unhealth and isolation. We just expect a lot from ourselves and others. And this may be a time for more compassion and empathy. Relationship research is showing couples feeling closer than ever or coming apart. … Read the rest

Happy New Year — Time for JOY

Posted by on Dec 31, 2021 in Featured | 4 comments

Happy New Year!!


Wishing you and your families love, peace and every joy you can dream of for 2022!


Focus on your JOY this year.


J am with those you love!

O pen to new possibilities!

Y es to every freedom this year as we transition from pandemic to endemic.


May this be your year to…  turn up love!  xo Jo-Anne

 … Read the rest

5 Steps to Keep Your Good Vibes Alive

Posted by on Dec 11, 2021 in Featured | 9 comments

Do You Love Me?

So my husband & I are vacationing in Maui and I just have to share a little story of magic, mojo and beached serendipity… with a little twist at the end. I think it may help illuminate the value of having conversations that keep you feeling connected and in love.


It all started last night…or maybe 17 years ago when my husband Joe proposed to me on this special Island. 15 years of marriage later… two pandemic years of no travel… and all the realities of life, this has been a holiday well in the … Read the rest

Setting Up Family Schedules

Posted by on Sep 20, 2021 in Featured | 2 comments

Have you been feeling like you are sliding into home plate through September trying to keep up with all the schedules?  Summer Bliss can feel like a lost memory real fast! Personally, I love the energy that September brings… friendships returning… the smell of new books, sorting out schedules, choosing or re-choosing activities… fresh air that comes with the mix of weather…turning of leaves and the colours of nature… September can feel awesome or dreaded… its your choice. You can skip the chaos and feel more in control this year. Here are 5 ways to support your family good VIBES.… Read the rest

Joy & Reinvention at Middle Age

Posted by on May 24, 2021 in Featured | 13 comments

Accept it or not, aging is one of life’s great realities. How we face this reality is a matter of choice!! In many ways, what I’ve been observing is how nature mentors us to reinvent and stay flexible and to continue to grow our identities, our relationships, our activities and most profoundly… face our fears of becoming ‘too old’. Nature adapts. So can we. Every season is beautiful. Every day seems to bring some new invitation… especially here in Vancouver — is it Summer, is it Winter… will it rain… we are constantly having to adapt to what is. The … Read the rest

Checking In With Your Children Through COVID-19

Posted by on Apr 21, 2020 in Featured | 16 comments

In these COVID-19 times, what are the signs we should watch to know if our children are stressed or anxious?… And if they are, here is are some great ways to help get your kids talking and feeling more connected.


I had the privilege of being interviewed on Monday night on CBC Vancouver TV News. One of the first questions that CBC News anchorwoman Anita Bathe asked me, (which was prompted by a caller to the CBC TV), was


‘What should we be watching out for as signs our children might be overly stressed or anxious in these … Read the rest

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