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Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Featured, Love UP & Stress Down | 0 comments

Love UP, Stress Down: Play!

Love UP, Stress Down: Play!

Follow the lead of a wise child this season!

Follow the lead of a wise child this season! I know you want to have the best experience this holiday season. It’s a time to enjoy your family, friends and community. And to enjoy it to the fullest, you are probably asking yourself how can you be in the best version of you– Relaxed and carefree?

So, I was playing with my 5 year old great nephew Mark yesterday. We were having a family dinner in a restaurant and Mark and I played ‘ninja toes’ under the table while the adults continued more adult points of interest. (Last time I saw Mark, he painted my finger nails with water color paint!) It’s always novel and hilariously funny when I get the chance to see Mark! Anyhow when we left the restaurant, Mark quickly found me to hold hands with him as we crossed the street. Our connection to joy continued for us while we walked away at the end of dinner. And I thought, isn’t it those small moments that make the holidays fabulous? Children remind us to play and laugh. And guess what, the things that make you feel good are also great for your body, mind, and spiritual health.

  • Get good sleep. The brain literally flushes itself while you sleep.
  • Eat well. The brain needs good food to fuel its growth. Iron rich foods are key.
  • Participate in novel activities that stimulate new brain pathways.
  • Physical exercise. Do 20 minutes of heart pumping cardio exercise every day.
  • Be social. Enjoying the company of good friends and family.
  • Have lots of hugs through your day. A great way to stimulate oxytocin the attachment hormone. This fast tracks you to have more ease in your life.
  • Play. Follow the lead of children who know how to do this best!
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