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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Featured | 2 comments

Four Timely Ideas

Four Timely Ideas

Are you sitting back sipping your eggnog coffee this morning?… or are you feeling just a little twitchy because there are four days to go before Christmas and your inner Super Hero has been more dialled into your work rather than your personal life this past while?

Here are 4 ways to help you decide on meaningful gift(s) that will resonate with your loved ones better than ever this year.

Think about gifts of quality time with you. Read on to find out why gifts of time are 3 times the gift!!

If you have been feeling the pressure… oh the pressure in finalizing last minute gift ideas, here are four ways you can get back to the spirit of the season.

T rack the highlight experiences with who ever you are buying for. Think back through 2016. What are your peek experiences with that person? What are the happiest, most joyful, vibrant, alive, loving, contributing, caring, connected moments you shared?

What gift might trigger more of these moments together?

I magine taking those positive feelings out of the box. What ways might you take that shared activity to the next level? So for example if you ran together, might you sign up for a Fun Run and gift them the sign up fee? Or if you have been doing Spin Class together, might you choose a destination cycle adventure for this coming year?

M anage your inner critic. That inner voice that doubts you, judges others and shrinks your world is bound to show up even with gift giving. If you love what you are giving, your passion in the gift giving is why you & your loved one connect! There are 3 different elements of gift giving.. the anticipation of the quality time, the actual experience of it in the moment, and then the reminiscence of it.

So gifts of time are 3 times the gift!!

Don’t second guess yourself. Just get on with it and choose it!

E merge this year. No more same ol same ol you in the relationship. What if you really commit that in 2017 you are going to bring your highest self to all the things you do?

This is YOUR life and everything you do is your own choice. You choose your friends. You choose your time with your family. You get to focus more intentionally at work if you want. You get to up your game. You can choose to play more this year.

So what do you choose? Maybe that commitment will be your own gift to you this Christmas.

TIME is our most precious gift. What will you do differently this year to bring you more of the feelings you want for yourself and your family?

Have a wonderful Holiday! Thanks for all the ways you brighten my life.

SHINE on in 2017! More glow, more flow.

P.S. What is your favourite gift idea this year? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I love the idea of gifting experiences! Never thought about it being a 3 parter with 3 times the enjoyment. Love it.

    • Thanks so much for getting a conversation going Crystal! I know I’ve been doing some of my own scrambling around to think of meaningful gifts in this last week, so I thought this might be a good topic. Have a wonderful Christmas & and every blessing for a fabulous New Year too! Looking forward to our run!

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