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Posted by on Nov 25, 2018 in Featured | 5 comments

Make Today Count in 3 Steps!

Make Today Count in 3 Steps!

Rise & Shine by Jo-Anne Weiler


What is your first thought of the day? Time for coffee… late for the gym… want to go back to bed for another hour… or are you excited about something new you are working on?


If your life has started feeling routine and your head seems to spin in circles with the pressures of day-to-day commitments, here are 3 steps to get yourself refocused, charged up and excited again.


First Step: Know what motivates you? Positive feelings, greater connection, a sense of contribution, positive feedback, building for the future, achievements, physical goals, learning… ?


Second Step:  Choose a goal for today based on what motivates you. Positive feelings – do something thoughtful for someone this morning; greater connection – set up a lunch with a friend or colleague today, positive feedback – just ask, monetary gain – write a list of possible ways you can create more income, achievements – make short or long-term vision plans, physical goals – if you build it, why not?


Third Step: Write a timeline to hold yourself accountable to the goals you just identified.


You can’t believe how many times I ask my clients what they want or dream about… and how many people say “I’m not sure… I didn’t think about that… give me a moment… why do you ask?”


I know what that feels like to be flying through your day or weeks and feeling like you are just stuck in the same tree. This year is going to be different for you and for me!!


The good news is I am committing to put on more retreats on for individuals and couples. And in amazing places – like here in Vancouver… and away in more exotic locations like Costa Rica and Maui! Stay tuned…we are going to have some fun this year!


So what do you want more of?… fun, energy, romance, creativity, connection, leadership, clarity…. ruffle your feathers and make it happen!


You can move through any challenges you face by focusing more on our yown attitude and intention. Make today YOUR day – go on, Rise & Shine!!


Lately, I have been reminded of the power of goal setting & building ritual around goals. A friend made a major big time commitment to make a difference in the ‘One Square Mile’ called The City of London. Having had an amazing opportunity to witness our friend Peter Estlin become ‘The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the City of London’ earlier this month. I am reminded that shared rituals bring us together in common focus, ideals, and values. We can do so much more when we do it together.


Peter is committed to ‘Shaping Tomorrows City Today’ for The City of London. His enthusiasm for technology & British innovation highlights driverless smart cars, FiveAl Molo Finance Metro Bank British Airways Vodafone, Barclays LifeSkills OnSide Youth Zones Teach First and Create (Arts) Ltd. The Lord Mayor Show, by the way, was just outstanding! It was a thrill as well to be able to ride in the latter part of the parade… must say I now understand why the Royal Family has that wrist turn for a wave…It is really tiring waving a hand for any length of time!!


How do you make a big goal like that come true? In your wildest imagination and heart, what ‘big vision’ goal do you want to create this year? The Rt Honorable Lord Mayor Peter Estlin started actualizing his dream as Alderman (chosen by the Court of Aldermen). He then became Sheriff of the City of London (appointed by 15 Liverymen, the Court of Aldermen and the Livery). Following that position, he was then elected from the list of Aldermen who have served the Office of Sheriff. Now as The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the City of London, for the next year Peter Estlin will represent the City of London as an international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector. I haven’t asked him how long he took to actualize his dream (because he has been so busy since we’ve been visiting them in London), but I’m guessing it may have been about a 10-year plan.


The four days of rituals and ancient traditional ceremonies were almost magical. I feel so grateful that my husband and I were invited by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress to share in these special times.


So go on and have that first cuppa java this morning and ask yourself… “What fabulous thing do you want to make possible this year?”


It may be that your dream is to have a family, to grow your children, to build a stronger community of friends, to become stronger in your body, to fall in love, to become an artist or musician, or join a choir or band this year? You may want to take more of a leadership role at your work? You might want to start a new company or creative venture?


Our experience in London this month really got me thinking about the ways we all might get back to practicing the anchors of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rituals…The Installation Ceremonies of The Lord Mayor of London started in 1203…Imagine… that is 615 years of ritual.

So think about applying the 3 Steps here:

First Step: Peter Estin knows what motivates him – to make a difference and he is well on his way to do that now.

Second Step:  He chose a goal and a series of goals in a possible ten-year + plan.

Third Step: He set up a timeline, followed the path of many Rt Honorable Lord Mayors of the City of London.


Brushing your teeth this morning or having coffee is a ritual. How about adding meditation or journalling to what you already do? What are some things you do personally and or as a couple… or as a family… or as a community… or even as a City?!!


When you focus on the things you might do just a little differently or set up your own 3 steps towards making today count a little more than yesterday, you will gain personal control, achievement, satisfaction, and yes…happiness. It is shown in research that having a plan makes us happy.


Making your day more intentional applying a change in your regular habits, actually creates chemical changes in your brain (the release of dopamine), which as well as making you happy, will make you live longer, connect with others more, and likely put a ‘hoot’ in your flight path out your door this morning!


Rise & Shine Today because you are awesome!

You are alive! You make a difference!

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  1. I really liked this article. It was helpful that you broke it down in to three steps with examples. Feels doable that way. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I really liked this article. It was helpful that you broke it down in to three steps with examples. Feels doable that way. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks Teesha! In the morning, I love to think about small goals for my day… One step in some direction that stretches me a little. I find goals motivate me… then at the end of the day when I flip off the light, I reflect on one thing that made me (or someone else) kinda happy. Thanks for that smile today! 🙂

  3. I like rituals- they are grounding and affirming. Whether honoring the huge responsibility of a Lord Mayor, or as beautifully simple as saying grace when we sit to eat- even a toast to the cook!
    They need to be useful and genuine- hazing for example, used to be about establishing a junior member into their place in a tribe, but has become thwarted.
    Keep the rituals uplifting, I say- they can raise your game!

    • You make a good point Mary. Yes, rituals are tribal and also beautiful .. love the reference to simple everyday things like being grateful for a meal together… and on the other side of things sadly some rituals like hazing can be a little scary to hear about. Hopefully, we continue to evolve. I guess my point is more about having pauses in a day, week or month to be conscious together. Our world may need more pauses especially with the political challenges we read about every day in the paper it seems lately. Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

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