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For You: The Individual

For-You-the-Individual-page-pic-Love up…Stress down!

In office: 206 – 2438 Marine Drive, West Vancouver (in Dundarave Village looking out on English Bay)
In office by Skype for those on the go: jo-joe7
In office by Telephone: 604 925 1907

My practise now includes coaching as well as counselling.

My counselling work with clients involves exploring areas of the psyche, emotions and spirit in an environment of safety and deeply held respect. We examine how you and your family’s beliefs and values may hinder or help you on your particular path. To the degree that you seek change, I will work with you and your family to understand if your actions, thoughts and feelings might be standing in the way to greater capacity in your life.

My Coaching work with clients is more of an interactive, dynamic challenge to bring on your best self. It is about coaching your best Quest! What have you been dreaming for your life? Coaching shines a light on new opportunities for you and challenges you to put yourself on a successful track.

In either model, through our interactions, we will work towards making your desired changes. Your input into the process of treatment is very important. Achievement of your treatment goals is the result of a collaborative effort between us.

Our lives are constantly changing. But when change occurs outside of our control, often our stresses rise, our thinking becomes distorted by fear, and these influences can push us into painful unhealthy interactions with others. With the help of psychotherapy and life coaching, we can develop a capacity for resilience that leads us to greater happiness, freedom, confidence and peace.

Scientific research has proven that through psychotherapy, neural pathways in our brains are reshaped in a way that provides us with greater access to attachment hormones that make us feel connected, safe, and loved. We all have normal stresses in our daily lives. A low level stress can be a good thing, developing more capacity. A critical life skill that we should develop is to be able to know when we are at the tipping point, when we can no longer handle the stress in our lives. My many years of practice have illustrated time and time again to me that the less stressed we are in our day to day lives, the more we experience loving, creative feelings. Love up…Stress down!

Through exploring and gaining insights about our emotional patterns and old coping strategies, we begin a process of discovering what we can do differently to make our lives feel better. This work is about expanding our capacity to love and to communicate how we need to be supported in the work we do, and how we are best loved in the partnerships we have chosen. This ‘heart work’ helps us to get back in touch with our creative and confident self, and will lead us on a path to our best life ever!

Confidentiality about what is discussed is critical to the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. All personal information in our sessions is private and confidential and remains so in perpetuity, even after our consulting relationship is complete. I will guard your confidences except if you or another person is at clear risk of imminent harm, or if I am under a legal obligation to disclose under a court order or pursuant to your express written consent.

Individual Therapy or Coaching
sessions are 60 minutes. Many extended health providers cover the cost of these counseling services because I am registered in three professional psychological associations.

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