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Lunch & Learns for the Workplace

The Time Is Now, We’ve Got This!

Research shows that the growth mindset of your team– better ways to communicate, best ways to have difficult conversations, and healthy morning practices to set up every day, creates greater capacity for collaboration, vision and shared values. When we relate meaningfully with others at work, happiness and productivity go up. Good energy is contagious.

Jo-Anne Weiler has provided lunch & learns to companies and organizations such as Telus, Associated Engineering of BC, the Canadian Bar Association, the Mental Health Association, 2010 Legacies Now Society, and has been a keynote speaker for the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Canada Executive Team Retreat.

Jo-Anne Weiler’s fun one-hour ‘lunch and learn’ format is a great way to get your team working better.

Corporate Lunch & Learn, (no min. #) $700.  (cd) per session plus GST or have a series of 4 Lunch & Learn (no min. #of participants), $2,000. (cd) Plus GST
Retreat for 1/2 day, min. group of 4 $250. (cd)per person.
Retreat One Full Day, min group of 4, $400. (cd) per person.
The time is now, get your team leadership activated!

Lunch ‘n’ Learn topics

Emotional Intelligence Series

  • Post-pandemic, many people are easily triggered by conflict. Know how to down-regulate anger.
  • The emotional brain & your communication style. Know how to say what you need more effectively and with compassion.
  • Five ways you can raise your Emotional I.Q. Recognize emotions in the body.
  • Health tips to care better for your emotional brain. Daily Practices to stay emotionally healthy.
  • Leading a values-based life. Mission statements & operationalizing your best life.

Communication & Team Building Series

  • All stressed out? Quick tricks to get back in the zone.
  • 5 Steps to deal with Anger better.
  • 3 R’s Reflect, Respect & Reframe for better outcomes.
  • Difficult Conversations with Getting Greater Outcomes.
  • What Has Your Life Taught You; Life lessons: 5 truths for living, loving & working better with others.

Work-Life Balance Series

  • Working from Home to Working in The Corporate Office Setting, what helps?
  • Understand and Embody Clear Boundaries for Greater Outcomes.
  • Practical ways you can manage your time better – quick tips to be more effective.
  • Five Pillers of Your Best Career.
  • Your Best Version of Self

Better Health

  • A’s –ZZZ’s to get better sleep.
  • What the latest scientific research tells us about your creative brain & stages of sleep.
  • Exercise & healthy living habits for those on the fly, despite the jet lag.
  • Best Tips to Get Younger Every Year.

Get Your Love Up, Stress Down.


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