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Posted by on May 27, 2023 in Featured | 2 comments

What is the Secret Sauce to Experience FLOW?

What is the Secret Sauce to Experience FLOW?

Do you ever wonder what creates the feeling of FLOW? It just feels so incredibly fabulous when it’s happening to you. I see it and experience the joy of it sometimes in tennis. I was watching my son Justin play tennis yesterday at the Provincial Tennis Championships at the Jericho Tennis Club. In the first set, he was on fire, cracking his serve in and clearly in flow, winning it 6-0. Then in the second set, he tightened up at the beginning of the set as his opponent started playing better and won two games… I could almost see Justin change gears to uplevel his game and re-focus. He won the second set 6-3. to win his match in straight sets. He had gotten back into the flow of his game.

Flow is just the best feeling… how do we achieve that state? Playing tennis can be like a metaphor for how we play the game of life. Living our lives with complete immersion in any activity we do can make everything we do effortless, meaningful, and fulfilling. We are then living a life in flow. Tasks feel so easy.

After his match, I asked my son Justin what creates his flow. He shared that for him, it’s the breath. I asked his wife, Lisa, and she said it’s learning to be so good at something; doing it is just an unconscious act. And as my daughter, Ashley and son-in-law, Steve had their one-month-old Emmett safely snuggled to Ashley’s chest in their baby carrier; they were the embodiment of Flow in Action. Their newborn Emmett was quietly nestled while Ashley, Steve & Lisa cheered Justin on with me. We all were in a kind of cocoon of flow.

Well my opinion, everyone may be right… and also there is something about group energy. I believe that, to some extent, Justin was ‘love powered’ 🙂  by us all watching and cheering him on today. And that, I believe, is the secret sauce to success–we may be all equal to the sum of our groups! There is such a positive vibe in tennis tournaments. It is why I love them.

It feels great being in flow… and like all things, the opposite is also true. Being out of flow is a terrible feeling. There is a lot of research about the power of the group and what we call ‘eusociality.’  After our 3-year pandemic hiatus, we should all be rocking in a state of love and creativity… and in a kind of global flow by now.

Have you noticed a rise in perfectionism, judgement and reactivity?  Is this post-pandemic fallout? The truth is we all have experienced some degree of trauma. We’ve had to be super vigilant, protective, discerning, fearful and judgemental of others. Is he/she vaccinated, unvaccinated, a carrier, a protester, or a protector? It really was a crazy Corona time. But it’s time to get back to our natural states of love and creativity. More flow, more MoJo.

To get there, Christine Monaghan’s 20 thought leaders in an upcoming Good to Great event have some ideas to share. Next Wednesday, May 31st, we are going to be brainstorming about all the how-to’s to get into Flow. So that we all feel better together at work, in our relationships, at home, and when we play sports. In 5 panelled discussions, we will be brainstorming about career moves, personal finances, and pathways to better health.

FLOW: Fabulous, Light, Open, and Wowed daily.

This Wednesday we will be your secret sauce to your own Good to Great year ahead.

I am excited to participate in Christine Monaghan’s 2nd Annual Good to Greatness Virtual Experience. It’s free… and who doesn’t love free stuff?

Don’t miss this coming Wednesday, May 31st, from 12:00 – 2:30 PST, Christine will lead 5 paneled discussions where we will be sharing our stories about our own journeys and the super strengths and strategies that work to uplevel a career, health, relationship or life path. So you too can hone in on your own strengths and clarify your own best life by being in flow. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up for this free event:

How do we stay out of anxiety and grow a deeper embodied trust that all is well and good? How do we slow down to get back in the flow and have a greater connection to others in our community after all the isolation we endured these past three years?

What if everything happens for a reason and on purpose? What if all of life’s quest and challenge is to find the thread of our own learning and to mine our own stories of resiliency within?

Through 5 panelled discussions this Wednesday, we are sure to spark your own curiosity about what new Greatness awaits for you based on your own life and your own strengths. This Wednesday at Christine’s Good to Greatness Virtual event. The speakers from Canada and the United States have written their own personal stories and contributed to a compilation book launching this coming week.

Through my professional practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor and Professional Coach, I have noticed how impacted we all have been by our 3-year pandemic. The impact seems manifested with chronic perfectionism, a felt energy of mild anxiety, and a deep fear of judgement or hyper-reactivity for some. Certainly, the research tells us that we have all, to some extent, experienced the trauma of our global pandemic. I still laugh thinking of how wiping down our door knobs in our home; we delaminated the handles!! To say nothing about the fear of running out of toilet paper! It feels so good today just to be able to hug and shake hands again.

Anxiety and judgement shut down love and creativity. It is time to re-birth, re-new and evolve us all to be better than ever. This event hopes to inspire you towards your own best path forward. Through the discussions held on these 5 panels (25 of the contributing authors… including me), we will share some great ways to shake off self-limiting habits and thinking.

I am also going to be interviewed on 980 CKNW tonight, May 28th  at 8:30 pm. by Maureen McGrath on her Sunday night Health Show. Please tune in!

(CJOB in Winnipeg, CHED in Edmonton, am 1150 in Kelowna, CHQR 770 am in Calgary and  680 am in Toronto).

It is shown in research that simply being in the presence of family, and community resets your brain and nervous system to better health, greater creativity, and overall ease. Together we are all so much better. I am so grateful for my husband Joe, my children, my step-children, my family, my clients, my tennis partner Jen, my coach Tessa, my tennis team, my friends, my community… and you, who have been reading my blog now for the past 15 years!! And more than anything, I am SO grateful for our new grand-baby Emmett who is the center of our Flow bubble forever! There is nothing to take everything from Good to Great for me better than our one-month-old grandson.

Hope to see you tonight on CKNW… and also next Wednesday from 12 – 2:30 PST at the event.

And did I mention at the Good To Greatness Virtual Event this Wednesday you can win one of two 10K business solutions packages that these 20 thought leaders have donated?  So yes, this event will inspire. It is free, and you might win a huge opportunity to reset, reboot, or just uplevel joy this year. This week, through the Good to Great event, we will be cheering for you!

Rise & Shine.

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  1. Spot on! Love your inspiration Jo ❤️

    • Thanks Jules. It just feels so great to be post-pandemic and back to a better than ever new normal. Saying YES to FLOW.

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