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What Would Love Do Now?

shutterstock_81215629This was Christine Monaghan’s opening question for our interview yesterday on her radio show on the ELN network. Check out:–entrepreneurs-balancing-relationships

And on Sunday, Maureen McGrath of CKNW and I touched down after the Grey Cup game with a powerful discussion of living your best life and how change occurs within the solid self.  You can click here 140205_004140205_005

listen here to Maureen’s CKNW Sunday Night Sex Talk Show where she interviews me on this topic of Learning to Love Again.


First, I just want to express my gratitude for the support of the media, including the North Shore News writer Erin McPhee and Mike Wakefield, photographer.


There has been an incredibly positive response to my book and I’m so grateful that my biggest problem right now is that Break-Up Breakthrough and Learning to Love Again has sold out of our local bookstore 32 Books twice.. I have ordered 250 more books though and as I understand it, Indigo Books is going to be bringing the book into their stores in the next while. Also, the best way to order a book on line is through Amazon and Barnes and Noble – $3. Shipping and one week delivery.


I will have some books available at the book launch today. Yes you are invited and I totally look forward to see you there if you can come. Thank you for your feedback too! Many of you have been emailing me to say the book has really helped:


“Jo-Anne I am loving this book ad find a relation in every page I turn. It has brought my own anxiety down somewhat in the process I’m going thru and also helps me understand I’m my Alone.   Thank you thank you!!!!”


and from 32 Books:


“HI Joanne. Wow! You have set a record for the most self-published books sold in a short time – well done! Could you possibly bring by more books (we’re thinking 20) this weekend (Saturday if at all possible). Sorry for the short notice…

Best, Deb


32 BOOKS & Gallery?604-980-9032 or 1-888-980-9032?Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, BC?Ringside Market, Hornby Island”


Anyhow, in all of this, I am so grateful. I was inspired to write this book because I know there is not anyone who doesn’t experience the pain of a break-up some time in their life.. at any age.


Too many of those people lose precious time in their life being stuck in a grief process, without integrating wholehearted learning so they can see their own learning over time and embrace every relationship as developing themselves more.


There is so much value in living from a loving perspective. And this brings me back to that powerful question.


When life gets tough, can you ask yourself “What would love do now?” If you do, chances are, you will be making a great choice based on loving who you are (all of you) and also caring for others (all of who they are).


How do you start your day to gain that loving perspective? Here’s some ideas that I talk about in Maureen & Christine’s interview(s):


  1. Focus on your day-to-day structures of body, mind and spirit care so that you gain personal control and care for yourself. The better you are caring for yourself, the more capacity you will have with others.
  2. Meditate for 3 minutes every morning. You might do this after you brush your teeth so that you build from a habit you already commit to. Meditation has been shown in science to have the benefit of brain change and capacity to handle stress better.
  3. Think of what you are grateful for from yesterday. This practice activates your positive brain pathways, which will make you happier over time because you start looking for positive information in every day.
  4. Choose one thing you want to accomplish in your day today. Completing things really helps make you feel in control in your life.  Don’t over function by loading up too many things to do.
  5. Connect with others who make you feel happy.


Come to tonight’s book launch at the Ferry Building 7:00 pm.  Yes, you are invited! It’s time to celebrate! Life is waiting for us all!


P.S. Half the proceeds from the book sales tonight will go to the YWCA family program. I only have 30 books left to sell, but if we run out, you can sign a wait list and you can get your book in the new order of books coming in the next 10 days.  And half of the proceeds from that list will also be included to the YWCA family program.

Time to celebrate Love!IMG_1044


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